Join in: Twitter Chat January 25, 2018 - 8:30 pm NT (7 ET, 8 AT)

Be sure to join us Thursday January 25th from 8:30-9:30 NT for our Math Pod NL follow-up Twitter Chat.

Here are the questions we'll use to guide our reflection:

Q1) "Young Mathematicians At Work: Constructing Multiplication & Division" is such a provocative title! What shifts in our thinking does the title invite?

Q2) On Tuesday, we heard @ctfosnot's story of falling in love with math- tell us about when you fell in love with math!

Q3) The book distinguishes between mathematics and mathematizing. What does "mathematizing" look like?

Q4) Creativity is at the core of what mathematicians do. What does creativity look like in the math classroom?

Q5) In what ways is math learning an equity issue?

Q6) For this questions we'll refer to the 4-minute video @ctfosnot's shared with us on Tuesday. It can be found at
The video shows a mathematician's classroom. What steps can we take to make classrooms more mathematician-friendly?

Looking forward to chatting with you and keeping the conversation going!

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