Join in: Twitter Chat February 1, 2018 @ 8:30 pm NT (7 ET, 8 AT)

Join the conversation... extend the learning!

Be sure to join us tomorrow night, February 1 @ 8:30 NT (& ET, 8 AT) as we dig into Chapter 2 in this week's Twitter chat.

We'll be exploring the following questions:

Q1. Good context has multiple ways in and multiple ways out. What problems could you construct from your children’s lives?

Q2. Why is it critical for teachers to choose the “right” numbers within a contextual problem?

Q3. Constraints on a context are very intentional & require creativity. How do these support students in their development?

Q4. If learners can take so many paths, how do we support each child on their journey?

Q5. Effective math communities support risk-taking and discourse. How do you promote this thinking in your role?

Q6. @ctfosnot’s Learning Landscapes include big ideas, strategies and models.
What are the key components to YOUR landscape of professional learning?


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