Chapter 6 Chat... March 1@ 8:30 PM NT (8 PM At, 7 PM ET)

Been thinking about Algorithms and Number Sense? We'd love to hear about it! 
Be sure to join us for this week's Twitter Chat digging into Chapter 6!

Thursday, March 1 8:30 PM NT
(8PM AT, 7 PM ET)

Here are the questions we'll be working through:

Q1) "Parents define mathematics as the skills they were taught." How can we help broaden this definition?

Q2) But algorithms are not ALL bad! How do we know when students are ready to generalize to a standard algorithm?

Q3) How has your definition/approach to automaticity changed as we examine the place of algorithms and number sense?

Q4) How are mathematical models connected to development of an algorithm?

Q5) In what ways are teachers "on the edge" right now as we move towards a constructivist approach to teaching math?

Q6) Consolidate your learning from this week's work in one tweet! Be concise!


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