Join the chat... tonight @ 8:30 PM NT (8 PM AT, 7 pm ET)

 The door is open... join us for our follow-up Twitter Chat
8:30 PM NT, (8 PM AT, 7 PM ET)

Here are the questions that will be guiding our reflection tonight:

Q1) We've talked about the importance of context and constriant before. What do these look like when discussing division?

Q2) @cfosnot suggests we engage with students by listening intently. How will students know we are listening intently?

Q3) What impact does this Piaget quote have on your classroom practice?

Q4) How can teachers help students understand the concept of a "remainder"? 

Q5) "You can't ever give out a big idea! It has to be created!" How does this impact our thinking about teaching mathematics?

Q6) We're halfway through #notabookstudy! What have you changed in your practice since starting this journey?


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