Twitter Chat tonight ... Chapters 7 & 8 @8:30 NT!

Our circle is growing and there's room for more! Join our follow-up Twitter Chat tonight as we dig-in to Chapters 7 & 8!

Connect, reflect, share, grow! 

8:30 PM NT, (8 PM AT, 7 PM ET)

The questions to guide are our reflection tonight are:

Q1) Often, we assess math "skills". Chapter 8 has us redefining what we see as skill in mathematics. To you, what are math skills?

Q2) "Make the moments mater." What does responsive teaching look like? What examples might you share?

Q3) How can we open up a task so that we can see "how" the answer is found, not whether the answer is found?

Q4) The best assessment happens while teaching and learning are taking place. How can we best track this assessment?

Q5) What are some strategies to support teachers in shifting practice to a more responsive, constructivist approach?

Q6)  Please share in one tweet, your key learning this week. 
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